5 thoughts on “42 Flash Challenge – January 3rd, 2016 Day 3”

    Bunmi Oke
    (500 words)

    “¡Imposible! This plan es imposible.”
    “What’s imposible about it, man?” I queried.
    “They too shiny.”
    “Me think so too,” Alberto chimed in. “Border police nab us easy, we go jail straight.”

    I got their point. No possible way we are carting eighty-three gold bars wrapped up in a car trunk across the border. I sank my frame into the settee, the most awkward feature of the scrapyard. Head fallen to chest, with my index finger I half-heartedly scraped off a dry smudge of paint on my boots. I looked up to my far left to see an unopened can of spr…

    “And I ain’t ready to do no jail…”
    “Neither me…”
    “Okay, okay fellas, that’s o-kay. Nobody’s going to jail.” What I hate most about people interrupting me is the breaking my train of thoughts. Especially when I’m trying to crack a problem and I’m this close.
    “It’s too shiny, right?”
    “Totally—” Carlos began.
    “Like the sun,” Alberto comple(men)ted.
    “And we can’t get it in this way?” I continued.
    “Never!” they chorused.

    I looked at the can again. And the bullions. And then the car.
    “Yes, we are,” I suddenly said, my face lighting up.
    “This way? No way.” Alberto negated.
    “Yep, we are.”
    “Dude, ‘fyou finking I’m going then you crazy,” Carlos said.
    “Of course, we are going.” I insisted, having fun at it.

    The dust cloud engulfing the horizon impaired visibility some. We were close to the checkpoint, the border police already flagging us to slow down. I begged Carlos and Alberto to keep a straight face and a calm demeanour. Awkwardness is magnet to suspicion, please.

    “Hola, amigo,” I hailed the bespectacled officer with a mischievous grin, as I rolled down my glass.
    “Good morning,” in a formal tone. “Vehicle documents, ID’s…” I gave him all he wanted.
    “What’s in your trunk?” he said as he returned the papers. My heart leaped. And not for joy.
    “Oh, there’s nothing there officer. Er, well, just a few nonessentials—nothing more.”
    “I’m afraid gonna have to see these essentials still.”
    “Nonessentials,” I corrected, hoping to mask that I’m anxious. I wonder why I am.
    “Yeah, whatever.”

    I stepped out. Slowly. Then headed for the trunk, and clicked it open. The officer removed his glasses. (So, he could remove them.) He rummaged amid the scanty random items there. He turned his gaze at me again, distrust evident. Exhaling, he finally motioned that I close it. I wonder why he seemed hopeful of finding anything incriminating as though all immigrants are criminals. Only those caught are.

    “It worked, it sooo worked!” Carlos shrieked as we sped away from the checkpoint.
    “They didn’t even suspect a thing,” Alberto blurted. “You’re a freaking genius, man!” offering me a high-five.

    Well, why bother when we could make the gold the body of the car then conceal the shiny thing with spray paint?

    I bobbed my head to jaunty Latin American music easing out from the car radio.

    ” ¡Buenos días, Mexico!” Carlos shrieked.

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  2. Shining and New
    M.T. Decker
    223 words

    There are some people that the old clichés work for – All that Glitters, glass houses… you know the type. They’re the ones who come into this world all shiny and new, and the world seems incapable of tarnishing their sunny disposition.

    Emma Saunders was not that type of person. If you wished her a good morning, she’d be looking for a knife in your hand while she kept her back to the wall. Thing was – the day could be perfect, the people totally pleasant and she’d still see that tarnished lining of clouds and dread the work involved in making them shine.

    She wasn’t exactly a pessimist… pessimists could be wrong. Emma was a living, breathing example of the self-fulfilling prophecy and she believed the worst in people.

    For her, all that glitters is made of rhinestones and glass houses—they were for people with nothing to hide- and Emma always hid everything of value, most of all, her heart.

    If you were to ask what brought us together, another myriad of clichés come into play, not the least of which is ‘opposites attract,’ but personally I think we just wanted to see if we balanced each other out or had the combined effect of a tac-nuke.

    On the bright side, we’re still alive—unless you get Emma’s side of the story.


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