42 Flash Challenge – January 4th, 2016 Day 4

Into each week a Monday must fall.  I think Mondays after a three day weekend are the worst.  Welcome back from the holidays.  

Today’s Prompt: restraint 

Author: mtdecker

Just your average writer- which is to say, I have a full-time job developing and testing software.

6 thoughts on “42 Flash Challenge – January 4th, 2016 Day 4”

  1. Sorry for the delay – personal issues – no internet connection and way too much on my mind … playing catch up now. (one of the good things about a challenge you give yourself is the fact that you make the rules.

    The secret is making the rules work for you rather than against you– the challenge is to write and to get back into the swing of things after the break that comes after NaNoWriMo.


  2. Moderation
    M.T. Decker

    “Moderating in all things,” his mother would say. “Moderation in all things, including moderation.”

    There was a time for everything, the key was knowing when it was time and that was something Jimmy had never mastered.

    Time was his nemisis. He was always showing up too late, or so early he may as well have been late. There was no real balance in his life, and that made practicing moderation that much more difficult.

    When he arrived late, he didn’t have to show restraint at the refreshments table- there was nothing to restrain himself over. When he arrived early, he didn’t have time to show restraint because he was immediately put to work and by the time he caught his breath— the food was already gone.

    That was how he found himself at Doctor Mongo’s Clinic of the Temporally Challenged and Institute of Magic – CotTCIM for short.

    The intake session had lasted well into lunch, and by the time he finished his questionnaires it was quitting time. He insisted on staying to get a head start on the next day’s work, but after his paperwork and nothing to eat, he fell asleep in the waiting room.

    And that was how he found himself talking, not to Doctor Mongo, but rather the janitor. The man listened to him, smiled and asked to see Jimmy’s watch.

    He fidgeted with it for a while while Jimmy told him about his failures and dreams of normalcy and when Jimmy had finished his story, the man nodded and set the watch of the floor, then crushed it under his heal.

    “You are no longer early. You are no longer late – Time does not exist for you, other than ‘now.’

    Jimmy looked at his watch and nearly screamed and then something odd happened- he stopped worrying about it and started living.



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