42 Flash Challenge – January 5th, 2016 Day 5

“Why did I move to a landlocked state with mountains?” – My standard question in the winter… or when craving seafood.

WARNING: you should never trust seafood from a landlocked state

Today’s Prompt: Blowfish.

Author: mtdecker

Just your average writer- which is to say, I have a full-time job developing and testing software.

2 thoughts on “42 Flash Challenge – January 5th, 2016 Day 5”

  1. Russian Roulette
    M.T. Decker

    Felix wondered whether the term ‘Russian Roulette’ applied to dinner as his girlfriend regaled him with tales of improperly prepared Fugu.

    “The chef always leaves a little of the poison in the meat so you can taste mortality.”

    He shook his head at that. There were a few things in life Felix knew where certain: ‘sooner or later, you’re going to die,’ was right up there with, ‘Those who court death will find it.’

    The idea of playing chicken with death was not one he relished, and it was not his idea of fun.

    When he announced this, his girlfriend got that little pout she always did when he was ‘embarrassing her,’ but he didn’t care. No imagination? He could imagine the taste of death quite well… it tasted like dust and he would much rather steak.

    As he walked away, he heard her say something about ‘finding another way…’ and he knew he would never be safe with Angelica.

    He realized that playing Russian Roulette was a lot like dating a pretty red-head who liked to flirt with death. The fact that it was his death she was courting made walking away that much easier, but running was better.



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