2 thoughts on “42 Flash Challenge – January 6th, 2016 Day 6”

  1. Of Plans and Puppies
    M.T. Decker

    I had my day pretty much mapped out: shower, groceries, nap… nothing spectacular, but nothing too strenuous. Sometimes you need to plan on a laid back day to gather your thoughts.

    I went to bed, with visions of sleeping in and not having to be anywhere at any particular time. That dream lasted until I was woken up by the worlds most persistent puppy.

    The shower became mandatory after having to take the dog out in the rain to do his business. Groceries ended up being rushed because, as I was trying to shop, my eldest called me to inform me that the puppy was ill.

    When I got home, the nap was out of the question because the children had been feeding the dog last night’s lasagna (which was also supposed to be our lunch— which is probably why they fed it to the boy.)

    Of course, the children had to study, go to practice, watch the others at practice… and it fell to me to walk the dog as the lasagna was processed.

    I admit, I was irritated, but once the children were gone, the boy and I settled down and had our nap— soaking wet from the rain… I slept in the recliner— the boy slept in the eldest’s bed since it smelled of ‘his’ human.

    Sometimes revenge just plans itself, and all you have to do is nothing. Other times, you wash the sheets, and smile – knowing you could have had your revenge.

    Sometimes revenge is a dish best not served.



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