42 Flash Challenge – January 7, 2016 Day 7

First Thursday of the New Year!  Check out: Siobhan Muir’s Blog for Thursday’s Threads.

Today’s Prompt: Use Thursday’s Thread’s Prompt or Run with it.

Author: mtdecker

Just your average writer- which is to say, I have a full-time job developing and testing software.

2 thoughts on “42 Flash Challenge – January 7, 2016 Day 7”

  1. Never Alone
    M.T. Decker

    Wave after wave crashes upon the shore, cresting and falling but unrelenting in its force. Standing to the side of the barrage, safe within the shelter of the leeward rise, I am amazed at how the shore seems to greet it’s assailant, and reach towards each departing wave, like a lover trying to hold on too long.

    The attack ebbs and falls, but never ends. I start to wonder how long the beach can stand – how long can the sand be pulled away and reapplied before it is gone for good.

    How can you stand there, wave after wave fighting the chance of fickle fate before you give in?

    And you just tell me to roll with it. How can I?

    — I don’t have your strength to stand alone.

    And you tell me – millions of grains of sand are not alone… they are part of something much bigger than can never be undone… YOU are a part of something bigger that cannot be undone.

    My tears fall unto the wet sand- and are greedily absorbed, then washed away with the tide.

    You are not alone.



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