42 Flash Challenge Part Deux Day 1

So, when I set up the challenge I had no idea just how haywire my 42 days were going to be.  New Years day found me in the ER fearing I was going to lose my partner in crime and best friend.  Hospitals, ERs, transfers, ICU… yeah, I had a lot of those.  Everything ended up on hold, and there were times I was afraid I was going to have to come in and delete the anniversary post.  Thankfully things are getting better and I would like to try this again– this time actually writing and participating.  So… join me for another 6 weeks.

Today’s Prompt:  It’s never too late for a happy ending.

Author: mtdecker

Just your average writer- which is to say, I have a full-time job developing and testing software.

One thought on “42 Flash Challenge Part Deux Day 1”

  1. This story is dedicated to my dog, Barrett.

    I Got This

    B-man watched as his dad began stripping down, removing his coat and his hat… the sweater underneath that. Why did humans have to wear so much… stuff?

    First they keep you waiting while they put it on and then, as soon as they come in they’re taking it off. And shoes? What is it about shoes… can’t they just walk out, do their business and come in? Well, no because they have a special room for that and they won’t let me use it.

    The dog’s musings continued as dad finished stripping down and sat down on the couch. Then he realized that dad had spent all that time taking off all the layers he’d just put on.

    He looked at the treat bag, sitting in plain sight.

    “Don’t worry dad,” he thought. “I got this.”


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