42 Flash – Aftermath Day 4

A friend posted a picture on my facebook page that oddly, really made me think.  It was a simple picture – a dog staring off across the horizon.  

It was the caption that did it:  “What if I never find out who’s a good boy?”

Today’s Prompt: Know yourself


42 Flash – Aftermath Day 3

I was counting the days and using the old rhyme to remember how many days were in the month, and I remember an old ‘BurmaShave’ sign I saw at a souvenir stand:

 30 Days Hath September
April, June and the Speed Offender

Today’s Prompt: Looking forward by looking back


42 Flash – Aftermath Day 1

There are times I wonder … why?  I mean… it’s ‘only’ fiction.  But it’s amazing how one word can change it all around and you suddenly realize– it serves a purpose.

Today’s Prompt: Thank you.

(and yes, I know that’s two words… I’ve mentioned having trouble counting before)

42 Flash Challenge Part Deux Day 41

I think about the power of words – how it’s not only the words you use, it’s how you use them.  Not just usage or order, but purpose I used to think that tea was the most civilized thing we as humans had ever come up with but… it’s language.

We all need to be understood and language is what we use to convey it, but when words fail – music takes over.

Today’s Prompt: Universal Truth