42 Flash Challenge Part Deux Day 31

I’ve been thinking a lot about marketing lately.  I guess as my book gets closer to being a reality, so does the next phase.  There are so many questions I could probably fill another book with them and still have enough material for a sequel, a mini-series and a collection of short stories.

Part of me now wonders if the Lord of the Rings was allegory to publishing, with the book being the one ring, Golem as the  editor, the Ringwraiths critics and Mount Doom being the Publishing Empire.  

In that light, I can see Frodo’s reluctance to let go.  (Maybe Golem is that creepy guy who’s been watching you write and you talked to at the coffee shop that one time, but you just know he’s going to sue if/when you publish and say you plagiarized his ideas even though almost every fantasy novel has castles, reception halls, Keepers of the *foo*, swords, sorcery and a creepy guy who follows the main party around…)

Today’s Prompt: Sometimes the allegory isn’t.