42 Flash – Aftermath Day 12

I’m the kind of person who has trouble asking for help.  I have no problem giving it but asking… I don’t want to bother my friends… I don’t want to impose.

Yeah, I know its messed up… but there is an odd logic behind it.  It’s all about give and take – but we associate words with things, giving is good, taking is bad.    So… relationships are all about giving and accepting… and asking.

Today’s Prompt: Acceptance. 

42 Flash – Aftermath Day 11

The other night I was driving – cold, wet and rainy night with a high wind and as if that weren’t enough– some people signaled me to slow down… and slowed and saw the deer someone had hit.

It was a doe, and even as I watched she tried to get up, but her legs were broken and all the effort did was hurt her more.

Thing is… state law says that if you dispatch the deer without permission from the police or DNR it’s considered poaching.

Today: An act of kindess

Optional addition: Thwarted.

42 Flash – Aftermath Day 10

My dog greets me when I come home, whether I’ve been gone for an hour or 12 – the greeting is the same… until the other night when I stopped by a friend’s house and was mugged by her 4 dogs.  That night the boy stood on his hind legs, hovering as he sniffed out each dog and evaluated their scent.  

Then we went for a sedate, peaceful walk.

Today’s Prompt: Judging vs perceiving

42 Flash – Aftermath Day 8

Another favorite flash site is closing, and I find myself Jonesing for more (even though I haven’t had nearly the time I used to)  I think what I love about the competitions is the fact that there is a deadline.  I think it enforces the quickness of it all.

Today’s Prompts: Good-byes and Hellos.