Tomorrow – 42 Flash Challenge will be live

Tomorrow at 00:05 the first of 42 prompts will post (at least 42 because we have established that I cannot count.)

Join us!  use the prompt as you will – share the contents if you wish – The time to write is now (okay it’s 00:05 tomorrow, but you get the idea)

42 Flash is coming – Get ready for 42 days of prompts from author who can’t count

We’re starting the challenge again – for the first 42 days of 2018 (and knowing me it will be more like 49 because that’s seven 7s and I can have all sorts of fun with that.

  • Seven deadly sins
  • Seven chakras
  • Seven days a week… or was that 8?
  • Seven brides for seven brothers
  • The Sinful Seven

I can’t wait to see what I posted.  (as usual, I will be creating the prompts early so I won’t remember what they are and I can be as surprised as you are..

Stay Tuned!