January 31, 2018 Day 31 – 42 Flash 2018

So, I had friended the friend of a friend… and the first post I see from them is so negative and anti police that instead of trying to understand them or get them to understand me… I just quietly unfriended them and called it a day.

Today’s Prompt: First Impressions (gone wrong) or Discretion being the better form of avoiding a flame-war.


January 30, 2018 Day 30 – 42 Flash 2018

I was watching a writing webinar an it seemed that all the teachers were working on their memoirs. Some where older but some where in their late 20’s. The age when you should be living not writing about living… in the past tense.

Then I thought… From now on, when people ask me what I’m doing… I’m just going to tell them “I’m working on my future memoirs.”
Today’s Prompt: Future past tense.

January 29, 2018 Day 29 – 42 Flash 2018

Too many times we think we have the answers. We know what someone is about and what they’re up to… but when we take the time to listen- we learn that things are very different. The key is learning to take that step back and see what they mean.
Today’s Prompt: Intention is 9/10s of the law

January 28, 2018 Day 28 – 42 Flash 2018

I love odd movies – I loved Hudson Hawk – it was off-beat yet funny and one of my favorite lines was: “I never did make a good damsel in a dress.” It’s like the t-shirt I bought from Sari Bari – “She needed a hero, so that’s what she became.” I hated stories where the woman’s job was to get in trouble and need rescuing. I also hated the back lash stories where the man’s job was to get in trouble and need rescuing. We all need rescuing sometimes. And sometimes the hardest part is accepting it.
Today’s Prompt: To the Rescue (in an unconventional way)

January 27, 2018 Day 27 – 42 Flash 2018


It’s funny how sometimes we think we know what’s going on and we plan accordingly, only to find out we were wrong and our plans are pretty much useless. The key is being able to adapt. It’s why characters like MacGyver work – it’s also why they military says that the first casualty of contact with the enemy is the battle plan
Today’s Prompt: Adapt and overcome

January 26, 2018 Day 26 – 42 Flash 2018


There are times I regret getting married in Winter. It was bitter cold the day we got married, I’ve been snowed out and iced out of the house… but my timing’s never been… sensible?
Today’s Prompt: Take a favorite character – turn a virtue on its ear and turn it into a flaw.

January 25, 2018 Day 25 – 42 Flash 2018


We’re half way there (if you take into consideration the fact that I can’t count and I believe there can never be too much of a good thing) Seriously, setting goals is good and I’m trying to set them like you do when you’re hitting something in martial arts – when you try to hit something, you’re aiming behind it… or more to the point, through it.
Today’s Prompt: Moving beyond the goal

January 24, 2018 Day 24 – 42 Flash 2018


It’s my 26 wedding anniversary today and there has been so much packed into those 26 years.  Sometimes it feels like no time has passed, sometimes it feels as though we’ve always been together… sometimes it’s amazing we’ve survived. 

Today we’re celebrating all that and the fact that we are still here to celebrate.  Don’t take your loved ones for granted

Today’s Prompt: Reminiscing .
(and then my brain, being my brain… added ‘Future Reminiscing’ quickly followed by ‘Reminiscing about the Future’)

Have fun!

January 23, 2018 Day 23 – 42 Flash 2018


Life is full of challenges, and they aren’t always obvious. In preparing for the new year, I started buying motivational stickers for my journal. I figured I’d try something new… only of course buying stickers and stamps and such became the new norm and I swore off buying any more… until I found a set that was designed for those days, when getting out of bed is a challenge.
Today’s Prompt: Facing a simple obstacle as if it were insurmountable.

January 22, 2018 Day 22 – 42 Flash 2018


Looking at the date I started to think – 22 Calibre, Catch 22 and that led to “Why does my browser always crash when I’m trying to get stuff done?” And then I began to wonder how much more I could get done if I weren’t trying to do it all at once.
Today’s Prompt: Make haste slowly