January 01, 2018 Day 01 – 42 Flash 2018

Growing up, New Year’s Eve was spent playing scrabble with my sister and my mom, and sometimes some friends while my dad an brother were playing in a dance band. In the morning there were always hats and noisemakers for us. More recently I’ve spent New Year’s Eve patrolling with my husband trying to keep people safe and make it through to the new year. It was on one of these patrol nights I learned an important lesson – just because you’re responsible and volunteer to be the designated driver— doesn’t mean your efforts will be appreciated. Go figure.

Today’s Prompt: Responsibility/Irresponsibility

Author: mtdecker

Just your average writer- which is to say, I have a full-time job developing and testing software.

One thought on “January 01, 2018 Day 01 – 42 Flash 2018”

  1. not quite flash – but a scene between Ember and Ash…

    “Why do you always have to be so responsible!?”

    Ash looked at me and it was clear he didn’t understand. “Did what I had to do.”

    “You risked everything… your position, your honor… your advantage. You gave them up.”


    I rolled my eyes. This was getting us nowhere, but I had to get him to understand that the responsible thing wasn’t always the right thing.

    “So… you saved me, that’s good and don’t get me wrong I appreciate it, but… in saving me, you’ve pretty much thrown away our best chance of getting out of this.”

    “Best chance maybe. But I’m betting on you.”

    Great. he understands and somehow turns it into a battle cry. I don’t know which of us is crazier. Ash for saving me, or me for believing in his quest. Time will tell…

    138 words – in a New Year


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