January 31, 2019 Day 31 – Thursday

Sometimes I think in lyrics.  As I was setting up this post my brain clicked into Alan Parsons Project – Days are numbers…

Today’s Prompt: Beware of earworms, they’re more dangerous than you think

January 30, 2019 Day 30 – Wednesday

Sometimes – there is inspiration in silence – other times it comes when you simply listen.

Today’s Prompt:  Pick a random song from your playlist – and write where the song takes you.  See what you have at the end of the song.


January 29, 2019 Day 29 – Tuesday

Driving to work, I’ve noticed a rather frightening trend of people making up traffic rules as they go.

Solid lines no longer mean ‘don’t cross’ passing zones are more fluid, and if you begin in a passing zone– that whole no passing zone doesn’t matter because you started when you could pass.

I’ve also experienced the uh– thrill of having people pass me in my own lane and since they have the right of way, some people see no problem with making a left turn, cutting corners through the oncoming lane,  in the interest of not slowing down.

Are we that pressed for time?

We won’t even get into the part where the near collisions are your fault because you just happened to be in the way.

Today’s Prompt:  Ignorance or Ignore-ance of the law doesn’t matter.  You can’t change physics.


January 28, 2019 Day 28 – Monday

Writing is one of the longer lasting mediums of expression.  Being a musician, I’m used to the performance – where the players and the audience form a synergy and the performance changes, and even if you perform the same piece with the same people playing– it’s never exactly the same.

But writing– oh, there’s a big difference, and it’s probably why we take so long and spend so much time tweaking the story – it’s going to be around long after its release, long after we’ve moved on to another piece, another venue–

Words last, long after their writing– and if we’re lucky they reach down through the ages and still touch people’s hearts.

It is no wonder the Norse (I believe it was the Norse) believed that that which is written endures.

Today’s Prompt:  Performance is fleeting but words echo down through the ages.


January 27, 2019 Day 27 – Sunday

Do you write for a cause, or to entertain?  And if you do write for a cause – is it intentional or just the end product of you being close to your writing and who and what you are, bleeds over into the story?  Does it matter?

Does any of it really matter?

Today’s Prompt:  Which came first, the writer or the cause?


January 26, 2019 Day 26 – Saturday

A friend asked why I write, and answering is a little hard because– I can’t not write.  I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember.  English Class was great for writing, but I found inspiration in everything.

Admittedly, my first stories were simple and trite, but I can trace back all my stories to their larval state and I am always amazed to see how they’ve grown– how I’ve grown.

Today’s Prompt:  Experience makes us stronger, and gives us more to write about.


January 25, 2019 Day 25 – Friday

It’s strange how many people I’ve met through Flash Fiction.  There’s an odd comradery that exists between competitors.  It’s a special kind of writing frenzy to write a short story based on a prompt and to get it out in a set amount of time – be it a day, an hour or 12 hours, and variety of stories you get is simply amazing.

Today’s Prompt:  Friendly Competition


January 24, 2019 Day 24 – Thursday

Twenty Seven Years ago, my fiance and I decided that we were much better together than we were apart. Twenty-seven years of us; me and thee; friends; partners; and lovers. Its hard remembering not being us – and when I look at people and relationships and dating issues – I’m all the more thankful that I found someone who wants to go on this crazy ride with me.

To twenty-seven more years of adventures, battles, covering each other and being us.

Today’s Prompt:  Together we are stronger.


January 23, 2019 Day 23 – Wednesday

Over 23 days worth of entries, and my dog is whining at me like I’ve been at this all morning (this is my second prompt for the day) I’m behind where I wanted to be, but I’m still ahead of the game – but there’s always someone there to remind me that there are more important things in life than challenges.

Just ask my dog – I was put on this earth to scratch where he cannot – and to take him out for his morning ‘gottas’

Today’s Prompt:  A healthy dose of humility.


January 22, 2019 Day 22 – Tuesday

I’m still not used to writing  2019 – it just looks so wrong.  Not so wrong that I want to go to 2009 or 1999, but close – The years seem to move so quickly, even when the month seems to drag on.

Time is relative, and I’m trying to be in the moment, but the moment passes and I’m still trying to figure out what it was.  I love the concept of mindfulness but the now is fleeting.

Today’s Prompt:  an ADHD meditation session