January 1, 2019 Day 1

WELCOME to another edition of 42 flash – This challenge rose out of a friend’s art challenge to make 42 sketches – one for each of the first 42 days of the year – the idea was to a) create and b) get in the habit of creating – 42 because that’s the average time it takes to develop a habit.  My sketching abilities are meh (I doodle in paint) so being a writer, this felt a better use of my time.

Use these prompts to inspire your habit or make some of your own, the key is to write, each day.  Please feel free to share.

Life has a funny way of coming around.  Some years start out bad, some good – but it always seems to start slowly- where the days never seem to end and then, when you aren’t expecting it, you’re looking forward to another year, again.

Even as I start the posts for 2019, I’m finding myself still putting 2018 on the entries.  It’s hard to believe that not that long ago we were worried about starting the 21st century, now look at us.

Today’s Prompt: Time may wait for no-one, but you have to make time wait for the important things.