January 29, 2019 Day 29 – Tuesday

Driving to work, I’ve noticed a rather frightening trend of people making up traffic rules as they go.

Solid lines no longer mean ‘don’t cross’ passing zones are more fluid, and if you begin in a passing zone– that whole no passing zone doesn’t matter because you started when you could pass.

I’ve also experienced the uh– thrill of having people pass me in my own lane and since they have the right of way, some people see no problem with making a left turn, cutting corners through the oncoming lane,  in the interest of not slowing down.

Are we that pressed for time?

We won’t even get into the part where the near collisions are your fault because you just happened to be in the way.

Today’s Prompt:  Ignorance or Ignore-ance of the law doesn’t matter.  You can’t change physics.