February 15, 2019 Day 39 – Friday

It’s interesting – when I create an entry I’m copying the last one (so I have all my tags and formatting in place) and all I need to do is fill in the blanks.  What makes it interesting is for the first 42 days, it’s been: increase the date; increase the count, increment the day.

For this round of the challenge, I’m incrementing the date, decreasing the count and incrementing the day, and it warps my mind just a little.  It’s like when I see the 14th book in a series and the title is “The Seventh” or when I see the word ‘Pink’ written in gray. It just doesn’t quite groove with my world order and I have to think.

The term for the color issue is the Stroop Effect (from 1930’s researcher J. Ridley Stoop who discovered the phenomenon).   But think about it – try saying the actual color of the word instead of the word for the following:

Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Tan, Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, Black

Today’s Prompt:  Neuroscience and or messing with people’s minds for fun and profit