Day 31 – January 31th, 2020

Learning Junkie

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before – but I am a learning junkie. I love how things work and if I don’t have a class on something – I tend to take it apart and see how it works.

(and then I break it during the process and I learn how to fix it putting it back together again – I honestly don’t know how my parents put up with me (except maybe the fact that the didn’t know))

The thing is, these hobbies can and have helped my writing – not the names and dates, but the cause and effect.

Today’s Prompt:  Past is Plot

If you like history, please check out Hourly History – they offer free ebooks every Friday and they have a great collection of books you can read in about an hour.

Day 30 – January 30th, 2020

Best Laid Plans

When I was a kid, I used to wake up everyone very early in the morning yelling “Shut up birds!”

They were keeping me awake.

Today I snapped at people because I was in my zone, trying to be peaceful and sound and input was just too much for me to deal with.

Did I feel bad? YES.

Did I try and calm back down? Yes.

Did it work? NOPE!

Today’s Prompt:  God grant me serenity, NOW!

Day 29 – January 29th, 2020


I like to consider trying new things an adventure. They aren’t always fun, or good– but they are an adventure.

As I get older I remember some of the scarier adventures and know to avoid them– but I’ve forgotten some of the nicer ones– and so I can enjoy them again and again.

Writing is like that too- because you get to relive the nicer ones through your character’s eyes.

Today’s Prompt:  Relive the Adventure

Day 28 – January 28th, 2020


It’s odd, because my posts are individual writings, and yet it is semi-automated. I copy the preceding post, use it as a shell and write a new post, then I schedule it to post on its assigned day.

The schedule allows me to sit down for a block of time and write posts– yet keeps me from that OMG moment of ‘I need to remember to do the post!”

I just have to make sure there’s one scheduled for the day in question.

Today’s Prompt:  Everything in its place.

Day 27 – January 27th, 2020


I was given this word as a theme for a story or poem and suddenly, even though it was winter, even though we had snow, I keep drawing a blank.

And then, I thought of something– only the idea took on its own life and now it is going to be a full-length novel with an accompanying journal… and I still need a short story for the snow challenge

Today’s Prompt:  Inspiration, but not too much


Day 26 – January 26th, 2020


For those of you who know me – I’m a learning junky. I have eclectic interests which, I think, make me a good programmer.

Part of design is understanding the system you are coding – for a business that means business rules and auditing requirements, for writing it means keeping research available, tracking word counts, maybe even some accounting – it really depends on the system you’re replacing/creating.

The only problem is when learning things gets in the way of writing about them.  You have to walk a fine balance between learning/realism and procrastination.

Today’s Prompt:  Education is not Wisdom


Day 25 – January 25th, 2020

It’s a wonderful… something

There are a lot of stories out there based on the premise of cause and effect – and the far-reaching affects our lives can have without our realizing it.

We have a ripple effect across the universe and don’t even realize it. In these stories, the hero is shown what the world would be like without them… and I wonder– what would they do if the world was actually a better place?

Today’s Prompt:  Twist


Day 24 – January 24th, 2020


Sometimes, when we’re in the maelstrom of life, and work, and family- we’re so busy we forget to breathe. We forget to enjoy the day, live in the moment and otherwise rejoice in what we have.

The sad thing is, the only thing that is guaranteed is this moment.

I’m not saying planning isn’t important, and if you know me, being prepared is imperative, but don’t forget that this moment is what it’ all about.

Today’s Prompt:  Take a moment.


Day 23 – January 23rd, 2020

The Chaos of Order

This year started as it usually does, all the projects I wanted to start for the new year (42 flash, AYATS) hadn’t been started… I had a lot of writing to do.

So, as I finished ducking for cover as the shooting stopped… I got to work. I was behind the curve, with no backlog.

We’re now past the halfway mark, and things have settled into a routine.  Which is the entire idea behind 42 flash. Whether you’re writing based on the prompts or writing the prompts– you’re writing.

It’s also one of the things I like about posting a serial story told in journal format – it’s not just habit-forming, it’s addictive.

Today’s Prompt:  Pulling order from chaos.

If you’re interested AYATS is a serial story being told in Journal format – Join Kat James, former get-away driver, as she finds her place on board a deep space exploration ship.  Posting daily on my blog



Day 22 – January 22nd, 2020


As I get older I have a harder and harder time not remembering that I’m getting older.  I tend to group my life by ‘around this age I …’

It works for general things, there are very few years in there, but there are a few. It’s more relative than concrete.  I spent a lot of time forgetting that I’m not 18 any more– and it’s getting easier and easier to believe I’m getting older.

It used to be, I’d catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and do a double-take thinking, “Mom!?”

This year, getting ready for my niece’s wedding, all dressed up– I saw my mom looking in the mirror head-on.

Today’s Prompt: Growing