Day 04 – January 4th, 2020


I’ve been told that I am too pedantic and I realized that it is a quirk of mind- words mean things.  If you’re going to say something – or object to something– be consistent, and preferable– be right.

A lot of people are saying that we’re starting a new decade, but we aren’t. That honor goes to 2021.  That’s the way dates work. It’s like when the turn of the century came (which was 2001 for those keeping score.)

My husband will talk about ‘Meteorological Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter’  because it annoys me.  It’s easy, it’s now in common use and it is totally wrong.  It’s a lazy man’s way of telling seasons instead of following the equinoxes and solstices.

This need of mine is considered a quirk, because I was born well before the days of ‘being on the spectrum.’  It’s funny because most of the social conflicts I have, go back to these quirks.  And no one really realizes… we’re all different and quirky in our own way– so, embrace your quirks, because no one does you, like you do… (and the seasons change on equinoxes and solstices… NOT on months.  😉

Today’s prompt: Differences