Day 23 – January 23rd, 2020

The Chaos of Order

This year started as it usually does, all the projects I wanted to start for the new year (42 flash, AYATS) hadn’t been started… I had a lot of writing to do.

So, as I finished ducking for cover as the shooting stopped… I got to work. I was behind the curve, with no backlog.

We’re now past the halfway mark, and things have settled into a routine.  Which is the entire idea behind 42 flash. Whether you’re writing based on the prompts or writing the prompts– you’re writing.

It’s also one of the things I like about posting a serial story told in journal format – it’s not just habit-forming, it’s addictive.

Today’s Prompt:  Pulling order from chaos.

If you’re interested AYATS is a serial story being told in Journal format – Join Kat James, former get-away driver, as she finds her place on board a deep space exploration ship.  Posting daily on my blog