Day 32 – February 1st, 2020


There are a lot of times we waste our here and now, counting down to something else, something big and bold and – not now.

It’s great to be excited about something, it’s great to look forward but don’t forget this moment (yes, I’ve been reading up on mindfulness) There is so much in the moment that we can experience.  Things we experience as children, for the first time – when everything is new.

We go through stages in our lives. When we are born, everything is immediate. We understand how we are in this moment and that we need something. As we grow we learn what that something is. Life goes from comfortable/not comfortable to uncomfortable being categorized: hungry, tired, cold, hot… then we bring in the past – we remember things we’ve experienced – it’s part of identifying that uncomfortable. Then we add the future and that’s all new and full of possibilities – that we leave the here/now behind.

It’s a difficult balance, but it can be worth the effort, straddling that line between enjoying the now and looking forward to the future

Today’s Prompt:  One foot in the present and the other on the accelerator.