T-4 and Counting

It has been one of the strangest, longest years I can recall. I woke up this morning with a character dictating a story to me.

As a writer this is a humbling thing and you hope you can keep up with what the character is trying to tell you… the same thing happens in music, when I’m playing my guitar and the sound takes me to a place where all I want to do is sing.

If I’m lucky, there is a song in there and if I’m really lucky I get enough of it down that I can build the song from its humble frame into a finished piece. It’s easier now with technology – I didn’t used to have a device that could record everything sitting in my back pocket – so much lost, but what was found and recreated meant that much more.

I have been blessed with an imagination and a heart of hope. And so look to tomorrow and the new year with hope, joy, and a challenge, the same challenge I’ve made for the past several years – 42 Flash – 42 reflections followed by a writing prompt – use them as you will – hopefully they will be kindling to feed the fires of your own creativity.

Share the stories and reflections if you want, or keep them to yourself – but please, write.

Creativity and Heart is what this world needs – be a part of that.

Happy New Year… in 4…

Author: mtdecker

Just your average writer- which is to say, I have a full-time job developing and testing software.

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