January 4, 2021 – Day 4

The Writer’s Point of View

They say when you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail – being a writer, everything looks like a plot – and it can be. Every slight is backstory, ever hurt builds character every victory is pyrrhic.

Today’s Prompt: It’s okay, I can fix it…

Author: mtdecker

Just your average writer- which is to say, I have a full-time job developing and testing software.

3 thoughts on “January 4, 2021 – Day 4”

  1. It’s okay, I can fix it…

    “Can you tell me how we got here?” she said.
    “What? Here…isn’t kind of obvious?” I snapped back.

    “You said, it’s okay, I can fix it, all I need is some water.” she answered snarkily. “Now we are in age dangling over a cliff, while this idiot prattles on about how he finally beat you.

    “I am not an idiot,” the Narrator snarled, “and I certainly don’t prattle…I might monologue, but I never prattle.”

    “Oh course, you don’t…” I replied.

    “Shut you, you simple bean farmer…” the narrator growled back. “After all of these years, I finally caught you. Even since you killed my father and took all of our family’s treasure, I will finally get my revenge.”

    “What the hell is talking about?” she said as her head whipped around from staring at our captor to staring at me.

    “Oh, my dear…he didn’t tell you…your boyfriend is a thief and a womanizer…” The Narrator said with a laugh.

    “Now Jill,” I said putting my hands up defensively, “now isn’t the time to get angry.”

    “Angry…Angry…I’m way past angry…I am in some sort of death trap because my partner is in the middle of some weird family tiff…and everyone thinks you’re my freakin’ boyfriend…of course I’m angry.”

    “Long story, I’ll tell you about it tomorr…” I started to say.

    “No you won’t Jack,” the Narrator answered, as he pulled a lever on the cage, and Agents Jack Smith and Jill Jones began tumbling to their doom.

    Has the Narrator finally gotten his revenge?

    Is this the end for our erstwhile agents, Dear Reader?

    Tune in next death-defying episode of The Exciting Escapades of Jack and Jill to find out…

    The Exciting Escapades of Jack and Jill
    288 Words


  2. Okay, just so you know, this prompt has special meaning to me. I’ve been told that when I was a child, my parents would hear a loud crash from the other room, they’d ask what happened and I’d reply, “nothing— it’s okay, I can fix it…”

    There was nothing any of us could do– the door mechanism required a drone equipped for doing electronics work and we were construction drones, not that the supervisor cared – he wanted to work done so we were put to work.

    After some discussion we set to work, tearing down the hull plating around the door and building a new one three feet down… of course now he wants us to lock that door, and… there’s only so much you can do with a hammer attachment and a claw.

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