January 5, 2021 – Day 5

A Change in Perspective

Snow is beautiful when you don’t have to shovel it or drive in it. The storm is breathtaking, once you’re out of its grip – the nightmare, the war, the fight – always looks different from the outside because you can take a step away from it – away from the emotion and danger it possesses.

It’s all a quick twist.

Today’s Prompt: What’s the twist?

Author: mtdecker

Just your average writer- which is to say, I have a full-time job developing and testing software.

2 thoughts on “January 5, 2021 – Day 5”

  1. “Here you go, Jack,” Barbebleue said with a sneer, “Two Happily Ever Afters, with a twist.”

    “C’Mon, Blue, this is the WG – what’s the twist?” I shot back.

    Barbebleue shrugged, “it’s the boss’s secret ingredient…never can be too sure…”

    He paused and picked up his beer bottle, “but you never know, maybe it’ll help you finally bed that pretty little partner of yours.” He sniped, casting a lecherous gaze at Jill who was sitting in a booth with her back turned to us.

    “Although if it does, pretty sure it won’t be happily ever after for her.” He smirked, almost daring me to hit him.

    And don’t think I didn’t want to…but this was the WG…and it sure as hell was not a friendly place for me or my partner, so I swallowed my pride, put my gold on the counter and walked away.

    Turning back, “you know Blue, one of these days that attitude of yours is gonna cost you…”

    “Yeah, Jack,” Barbebleue sneered, “You gonna make good on that threat, Jack?…With what army?”

    “Me,” I shrugged, “nah.”

    “Just remember plenty of these girls,” I nodded to the mass of hopefuls, writhing and grinding on the dance floor, “got families, and some of those farm boys can grow pretty big these days, Blue.”

    I walked back to the table, “here’s your drink, but Blue said it’s got a twist, and knowing’ the old woman…”

    “It’s poisoned…or at least drugged.” Jill cut me off, before I can finish.

    I nodded, “yeah.”

    “Tell me Jack,” Jill asked, shaking her head, “what’d you do to get everyone to hate you?”


  2. The prompt makes me think of ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ by Renaissance – ‘Deep down inside he hides, a twist that we may have missed.

    Maynard shivered slightly as he tried to get a view of his shoulder in the mirror, and froze – there was a giant… thing climbing across his back.

    “Mel…” he whimpered, afraid that if he yelled the thing would attack him. “Mel.”

    Mel, was in the other room searching high and low for something and Maynard had no idea what– but he had more pressing issues– like getting rid of whatever it was and not getting hurt in the process.

    Thankfully Mel’s search had led her into the room. “Maynard, have you seen my…”

    She paused, then smiled as she saw him looking in the mirror. “There you are,” she clucked as she plucked the thing off his shoulder and straightened it out.

    “Don’t you hate static electricity?” she asked as she put her newly retrieve hair net on. I once pulled a sock from my dress…”

    Maynard, still recovering simply nodded, ignoring the tarantula in the terrarium.


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