January 6, 2021 – Day 6


It’s a trick of the light, a flicker – First you’re lying in his arms…

Just a trick of the light, a flicker, and the tears are in his eyes.

Sometimes, our greatest fear is something we see in the mirror…

Today’s Prompt: What do you see in the mirror?

Author: mtdecker

Just your average writer- which is to say, I have a full-time job developing and testing software.

2 thoughts on “January 6, 2021 – Day 6”

  1. Reflections…a poem

    Son and Brother
    Husband and Father
    Employee and Boss
    Both Sinner and Saint
    Believer and Charlatan
    Faithful Follower or Phoney Fraud
    Optimist, Pessimist and Realist
    (Hey, I ordered a Cheeseburger).
    Selfless servant and selfish oaf
    Hopeless Romantic and bitter cynic
    Inspired and insipid
    Kind but cruel
    Cares too much while caring too little
    Hot tempered but cold blooded
    Lost but Seeking
    Lonely but Loved
    Hero and Villain

    All things I am – I see in the Mirror…just depends on the day
    81 Words

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  2. So, yeah – a lot happened and I had to drive into the DC area to fix my computer so I could continue to work remotely – fun times.

    “The mirror is there as a reminder that things are not always as they seem,” she said as she led the new recruits to the barracks. “You’ll learn to see that in time.”

    “But isn’t the mirror a reflection of what is?”

    She looked at the young man and he felt as if his IQ had dropped 10 points. “I mean …”

    “Light plays tricks on us – we see what we want to see and we like the mirror that shows us the best image – warped, twisted things are sometimes easier on the eyes than reality.”

    “So, you’re saying we see what we want to see?”

    “We see what we want to see,” she agreed before adding, “until are trained to see past the image into what is.”

    “How do you train for something like that?”

    “It usually starts with walking into walls you didn’t know were there and goes from there.”


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