January 7, 2021 – Day 7


I found a collection of inspirational bracelets with clever and inspiring sayings – and I bought three of them – one religious, one powerful, and one that was true to who I am (and it makes me laugh)

Walk by Faith and not by sight.

Alis Volat Propriis (she flies with her own wings)

Live every day like it’s Taco Tuesday.

Today’s Prompt: What inspires you?

Author: mtdecker

Just your average writer- which is to say, I have a full-time job developing and testing software.

2 thoughts on “January 7, 2021 – Day 7”

  1. A great story…whether it’s a comic book, action movie, wrestling match or sermon.

    The thing that inspires me is a great story.

    A story of good vs. evil.

    The essential struggle.

    The struggle we’ve seen from Michael and Lucifer to Batman and the Joker.

    There is so much room to inspire, excite, teach and even preach in a good story.

    I have done testimony using many different stories that inspire me and led me closer to God.

    Stories are touchstones.

    Everyone loves a good story.

    Rocky vs. Apollo…that’s also David and Goliath or the Spartans vs. the Persians.

    In fact, life is boring without stories is bland…tired…and unfulfilling.

    The human heart is wired to seek story…when Jesus taught his people He used parables…stories…to help people understand.

    So what inspires me…a good story…tell me one of yours.

    145 words


  2. It’s funny – I realize I take inspiration from everything – my problem isn’t inspiration, but the soul sucking, wet trout to the face that reality likes to deal that derails inspiration and turns Inspired into rage in search of direction

    Breaking code. Critical Failure. These words spell the end and certain doom but to me – they are a challenge to do better. They inspire me to do better. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.


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