January 23, 2021 – Day 23

Fear is the Mindkiller

Yeah, I spent too many of my formative years reading science fiction – I loved swashbucklers, Swords and Sorcery, Epic adventures. After reading Dune I was putting cinnamon on everything I ate.

I’d pretend that I was a ranger or a musketeer. I was John Carter, and Paul Atreides that’s the magic of writing – sparking the imagination and then turning the tables and creating the next great (or hopefully decent) generation of writers- but writing is like everything else… it gets better with practice.

Ultimately – Fear is the killer of imagination and the imagination is the playground of the mind

Today’s Prompt: If you could create anything, what would it be?

Author: mtdecker

Just your average writer- which is to say, I have a full-time job developing and testing software.

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