42 Flash Challenge – January 15, 2016 Day 15

Did you ever wonder if maybe this really was a play?  Would you be surprised if I told you it is– and it’s a cooperative story and some of the writers just don’t play well with others?

Today’s Prompt: Chattanooga  (just because I like the word)


42 Flash Challenge – January 10, 2016 Day 10

Its strange, posting something this far in advance.  I feel like a time traveler setting things up for that wonderful feeling of deja vu.  (and yes, I’ve already forgotten the prompts)

With the holidays out of the way, I’m hoping that Flash Frenzy is back at them for 2016

Today’s Prompt – Serenity or the prompt for Flash Frenzy.

42 Flash Challenge – January 9, 2016 Day 9

Only one (lunar) month until Chinese New Year – and the release of FlashDogs’ 3rd anthology – I wonder if you can pre-order it now?

If everything goes according to plan, Cracked Flash should be up and running.

Today’s Prompt: Impending Joy or your Cracked Flash entry!