42 Flash Challenge Part Deux Day 6

One more day around the sun for me – I don’t feel any different that I remember feeling last year… or the year before that.  It doesn’t really matter, you know… but cake is good.

Today’s Prompt: Let them eat…


42 Flash Challenge Part Deux Day 5

I honestly believe that all things interrelate… kind of the Jeet Kun Do view of the world.  Writing is painting pictures with words, composing is painting them with sound and painting is celebrating all of the above.

Today’s Prompt: What do you make of that?

42 Flash Challenge Part Deux Day 2

Did I mention the time I challenged myself to write a page a day in an in-character journal of a motorcycle medic in 2053?  Challenges have an interesting way of going from ‘What was I thinking?’ to ‘I’m never going to make it…’ to ‘Hey… this isn’t all that bad.’

Today’s Prompt: Overcoming (anything you want to overcome)

42 Flash Challenge Part Deux Day 1

So, when I set up the challenge I had no idea just how haywire my 42 days were going to be.  New Years day found me in the ER fearing I was going to lose my partner in crime and best friend.  Hospitals, ERs, transfers, ICU… yeah, I had a lot of those.  Everything ended up on hold, and there were times I was afraid I was going to have to come in and delete the anniversary post.  Thankfully things are getting better and I would like to try this again– this time actually writing and participating.  So… join me for another 6 weeks.

Today’s Prompt:  It’s never too late for a happy ending.

42 Flash Challenge – February 13, 2016 Day 44

I should probably point out that I have some issues with math… like putting more than three books in a trilogy.    I see math as… my nemesis… who eventually gives me the information I need to overcome my antagonist.

Today’s Prompt: Planning

P.S.  If you are still here, and still writing – I can make more prompts… Otherwise… See you around, Flashdog!