42 Flash Challenge – January 9, 2016 Day 9

Only one (lunar) month until Chinese New Year – and the release of FlashDogs’ 3rd anthology – I wonder if you can pre-order it now?

If everything goes according to plan, Cracked Flash should be up and running.

Today’s Prompt: Impending Joy or your Cracked Flash entry!

42 Flash Challenge – December 31st, 2015 Day 0

The rules of the challenge are simple – Do your best to write a piece of flash fiction a day.  You can do it here, on your blog, in a contest or just for yourself, but write.

Each day I will post a prompt of some sort.  You don’t have to use the prompt– the important thing is that you write– and please if you have the time, comment on the posts.

Post a story, post a poem, post a link to a story.   I’m also going to give you links to Flash Fiction Contests that will be going on during the next 42 days.

Please join me for the challenge.