February 4, 2018 Day 35 – 42 Flash 2018

When I was growing up, the rules of grammar were concrete!  Then again they also taught us to put two spaces after a period (which I sill do) , and don’t even get me started about teaching kids how to type and build up speed on a keyboard that was specifically designed to slow you down.
Today’s Prompt: Traditions losing their meaning


February 3, 2018 Day 34 – 42 Flash 2018

Sometimes all you can do is push things forward enough that they don’t collapse in on you. At least that’s the way it feels – the middle of winter or the dog days of summer, it seems like all you can hope to do is not be buried in it.
Today’s Prompt: Treading water

February 2, 2018 Day 33 – 42 Flash 2018

Sometimes I have so much to do that I’ll be working on one thing and I’ll remember something else I needed to do, and when I go to do that… I get distracted by something else that needed doing and when I go to do that… I can’t remember what I was going to do.

Today’s Prompt: I need a nap

February 1, 2018 Day 32 – 42 Flash 2018

Wow! We made it through January. Which means we had our first Super Blue Blood Moon in over 150 years or so.

  • Super Moon – Moon is closest to Earth and therefore appears bigger
  • Blue Moon – Two full moons in one month
  • Blood Moon – Lunar eclipse because the moon looks red.

That’s one for the books. I mention it here because I always like the image of a blue moon in February… (time between full moons being every 29.5-ish days (depending)
Today’s Prompt: Special Moon

January 31, 2018 Day 31 – 42 Flash 2018

So, I had friended the friend of a friend… and the first post I see from them is so negative and anti police that instead of trying to understand them or get them to understand me… I just quietly unfriended them and called it a day.

Today’s Prompt: First Impressions (gone wrong) or Discretion being the better form of avoiding a flame-war.


January 30, 2018 Day 30 – 42 Flash 2018

I was watching a writing webinar an it seemed that all the teachers were working on their memoirs. Some where older but some where in their late 20’s. The age when you should be living not writing about living… in the past tense.

Then I thought… From now on, when people ask me what I’m doing… I’m just going to tell them “I’m working on my future memoirs.”
Today’s Prompt: Future past tense.

January 29, 2018 Day 29 – 42 Flash 2018

Too many times we think we have the answers. We know what someone is about and what they’re up to… but when we take the time to listen- we learn that things are very different. The key is learning to take that step back and see what they mean.
Today’s Prompt: Intention is 9/10s of the law