42 Flash Challenge Part Deux Day 3

I wonder what future me will think of these ramblings.  I wonder how much time I could backlog with odd intros and random thoughts followed by a topic for writing.

Today’s Prompt: Post-cognitive perception


42 Flash Challenge Part Deux Day 2

Did I mention the time I challenged myself to write a page a day in an in-character journal of a motorcycle medic in 2053?  Challenges have an interesting way of going from ‘What was I thinking?’ to ‘I’m never going to make it…’ to ‘Hey… this isn’t all that bad.’

Today’s Prompt: Overcoming (anything you want to overcome)

42 Flash Challenge Part Deux Day 1

So, when I set up the challenge I had no idea just how haywire my 42 days were going to be.  New Years day found me in the ER fearing I was going to lose my partner in crime and best friend.  Hospitals, ERs, transfers, ICU… yeah, I had a lot of those.  Everything ended up on hold, and there were times I was afraid I was going to have to come in and delete the anniversary post.  Thankfully things are getting better and I would like to try this again– this time actually writing and participating.  So… join me for another 6 weeks.

Today’s Prompt:  It’s never too late for a happy ending.

42 Flash Challenge – February 13, 2016 Day 44

I should probably point out that I have some issues with math… like putting more than three books in a trilogy.    I see math as… my nemesis… who eventually gives me the information I need to overcome my antagonist.

Today’s Prompt: Planning

P.S.  If you are still here, and still writing – I can make more prompts… Otherwise… See you around, Flashdog!

42 Flash Challenge – February 10, 2016 Day 41

One day to go.  I can’t tell if I’m excited or sad (especially since I’m time traveling from 12/31/2015 to write this)  But we are now rushing towards the end of the ride, and what a ride (I hope) it’s been.

Today’s Prompt: Getting a message through to yourself.