February 19, 2019 Day 35 – Tuesday

Sometimes I think I spend too much time thinking.  I’ve been told that I tend to overcomplicate things – usually by people who try to start something with me online and find that I stand up for myself and therefore, everything that happens is my fault and I’m ruining people’s fun (because telling people they’re what’s wrong with the world is so much more enjoyable when said people don’t reply and want to turn something that would have been an amusing aside into a debate about priorities and just… yeah…

Today’s Prompt:  Reacting to a situation (either thoughtfully or instinctually)



February 18, 2019 Day 36 – Monday

There are so many sayings about time that we almost don’t even think about them.  Time flies when you’re having a fun, Time heals all wounds, time will tell – it makes sense since we live in a world ruled by the clock.

In fiction, we tend to build on things we know, its human – but what about Martian, or Elvin?

Today’s Prompt:  Pick (or make) a culture for your hero.  Figure out what is important to them – then add a series of sayings or swear words that match their culture.



February 17, 2019 Day 37 – Sunday

I don’t really think about it during the summer, but there is a scent to the air when the weather changes – there are tinges to the sky that tell us what is coming.

There is a smell to the air before a storm, and a stronger one after the storm passes by.  There is also a smell to the air when the snow is coming – its something I don’t think about when I”m writing, and I probably should.

Today’s Prompt:  Describe the weather through your senses



February 16, 2019 Day 38 – Saturday

I was trying to describe a taste to someone and said “it tastes green.”  Now, my kindergardner teaching friends called me to task on it, but there are several flavors that I just use the color to describe.

(Another friend asked me what ‘green tastes like’ and I told them “Fresh green plants – leafy greens…)

My favorite flavor is blue. In this case it’s the blue icee/slurpy flavor that is supposed to be ‘blue raspberry’ but that’s really not how it tastes – it tastes like… well, blue.

Today’s Prompt:  Describing something by something other than its more common descriptor. 



February 15, 2019 Day 39 – Friday

It’s interesting – when I create an entry I’m copying the last one (so I have all my tags and formatting in place) and all I need to do is fill in the blanks.  What makes it interesting is for the first 42 days, it’s been: increase the date; increase the count, increment the day.

For this round of the challenge, I’m incrementing the date, decreasing the count and incrementing the day, and it warps my mind just a little.  It’s like when I see the 14th book in a series and the title is “The Seventh” or when I see the word ‘Pink’ written in gray. It just doesn’t quite groove with my world order and I have to think.

The term for the color issue is the Stroop Effect (from 1930’s researcher J. Ridley Stoop who discovered the phenomenon).   But think about it – try saying the actual color of the word instead of the word for the following:

Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Tan, Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, Black

Today’s Prompt:  Neuroscience and or messing with people’s minds for fun and profit



February 14, 2019 Day 40 – Thursday

Continuing the challenge has its advantages– we get to write on St. Valentine’s Day. I remember something from a movie (although I can’t remember the movie) where the Roman Emperor had forbidden marriages, and in the interest of fairness Valentine continue to perform marriage ceremonies until he was put to death for it.

From what I can find on a cursory search – it seems that that is true, along with the fact that there were 3 different Valentines/priests remembered for the same thing.

Today’s Prompt:  injust deserts 



February 13, 2019 Day 41 – Wednesday

So, counting back down, it almost feels like a field sobriety check (and is almost as mind-numbingly senseless.  Let’s see if you remember the rules as I read them to you…

Oh, right, there are no rules, are there?

Today’s Prompt:  Nothing is over until we decide it is.



February 12, 2019 Day 42 – Tuesday

This year, while totally failing to keep count, I’m going to make it a lap – up to 42 and then back down to 1 or 0 (I have a while to decide)

So, if you’re counting normally this would be 2.1, or Round 2, Day 1, or something equally impressive.

Today’s Prompt:  Making up the rules as you go along



February 11, 2019 Day 42 – Monday

Writing prompts is similar to writing flash – you give a little insight into a subject, shine a spotlight on something in your soul, but instead of posing a question and resolving it – you just pose the question and let the reader take it from there.

It’s satisfying, but not in the same way writing the whole story can be.  (It’s also easier)

Today’s Prompt:  Telling a story

That’s it, 42 prompts for 2019.  Tune in tomorrow because we know I can’t leave it at that.  There are still too many stories to tell.


February 10, 2019 Day 41 – Sunday

The penultimate entry, the N-1, the second to last – I’d actually feel sad if I didn’t know me and my inability to count or quit while I’m enjoying something.  It’s one of the things I like about being creative (rather than my computer-nerd day-joy role where little things like rules and the actual  count is concrete (albeit counting starts at 0 instead of 1)

When it comes to creativity, we make the rules.  (Okay, there’s grammar and syntax and spelling and all that but work with me on this)  Writing, being creative is something important where a mere number is not going to stop us.

Today’s Prompt:  A creator obsessed with the rules or obsessively breaking the rules