January 18, 2017 day 18 – 42 Flash 2017 Edition

Odd things happen when you write out a week’s prompts in advance – 1)  I forget what’s coming so it’s all new to me and 2) They tend to prompt the next one.

Today’s Prompt: Commitments

January 17, 2017 day 17 – 42 Flash 2017 Edition

I don’t know why, but while tagging this post, I though of trying to get everything in before midnight and… I ended up thinking of Cinderella.  There were so many things to do before midnight… 

Today’s Prompt: deadlines

January 15, 2017 day 15 – 42 Flash 2017 Edition

So many times, when faced with a blank page– I have nothing to say– or maybe, I have too much to say and I don’t know where to start.

Today’s Prompt: Inertia

January 13, 2017 day 13 – 42 Flash 2017 Edition

I am reminded of the old adage: that which doesn’t kill us.

Today’s Prompt: Makes us stronger

January 12, 2017 day 12 – 42 Flash 2017 Edition

Random acts of kindness or of unkindness have lasting affects.  I think I’ll go for kindness there’s enough unkind out there.

Today’s Prompt: Do something

January 3, 2017 day 3 – 42 Flash 2017 edition

Sometimes the newest challenge we face in the new year is remembering to change the year when we write down dates… or is that just me?

Today’s prompt: Habit