January 17, 2022


I wish it was just that I was getting older, and noticing things more, but I know that isn’t entirely true.

We live in a world of instant everything – Instant new, instant feedback, instant response. Even our kitchen appliances are designed to make things fast and easy (and I’m not giving up my air fryer any time soon).

The problem with the instant is- you’re given a snapshot, usually with someone’s interpretation of what’s going on and that interpretation and image are what sticks, no matter how one-sided it is.

Today’s Prompt: A message from the other side

January 16, 2022

Lost in translation

I’ve been thinking about the fact that some words have a deeper meaning than what we’re taught – this happens a lot when you start learning a foreign language.

For example – Aloha, in Hawaiian is Hello and good-bye. It also means love. MarHaba in Arabic means welcome – but it also means ‘you are family’

There are also regional phrases that can mean different things such as the Southern – “Bless your heart”

Today’s Prompt: The weather is foolish? (The weather is balmy)

January 14, 2022


I’ve noticed that different times, medical conditions, and situations can affect your ability to focus. If you’re tired, if your Thyroid is burning too hot. If you have ADHD, if you have too many things happening at once.

I’ve also noticed that sometimes– too much focus can be a bad thing. Like a pebble in your shoe: it’s something small but once it starts to wear on you- that’s all you feel.

I’ve also noticed that I can get so focused on one thing that nothing else seems to exist… even time ceases to exist until I figure it out. (which also, oddly enough, can be part of ADHD)

Today’s Prompt: What was I doing?

January 13, 2022

The Mandela effect

The Mandela effect is a phenomenon involving false memories – most of the time it’s something harmless and it can happen within a large group of people. Things are misheard, or misremembered. In some cases it can be something simple such as the show “Sex and the City.” or… how I remember it “Sex in the City.”

To be honest, the first time I heard of it I thought it was the Mandala Effect which is a good, ironic explanation of the effect. Our brains are amazing things – they help us reason and they also protect us by altering our memories – and let’s face it – our perception colors what we remember.

The origin of the Mandela effect comes from people misremembering things about Nelson Mandela based on the way questions are asked. .. (look it up it’s kind of interesting)

Today’s Prompt: It’s not what you remember…

January 12, 2022


When we think of reflections, we usually think of mirrors – visual reflections – occasionally we’ll think of introspection but we don’t usually think about how actions reflect beliefs and world views.

Language can reflect a person or culture’s beliefs. For example – in American Sign language – thoughts come from the head. In the sign language of the Plains Indians – thoughts come from the heart.

We tend to think of the masculine as an outward-facing power – a pushing/defending force, while the feminine is receptive and nurturing – this makes sense since women give birth – but how would it be for a creature like a seahorse – where the male gives birth?

Today’s Prompt: Words have meaning. Sometimes they’re not what we think.

January 11, 2022


I’ve been working on this post for almost a week now. Not that I’m having trouble thinking of anything to say- more that I keep forgetting what I was doing as I nest my distractions.

The entire week’s gone by as one very long day with occasional naps in between and then I remember – I have prompts to write.

But there were always more pressing things – until of course, the number of posted prompts and the written ones get closer and closer together.

Today’s Prompt: An evil overlord- with ADHD.

January 10, 2022

One step at a time

When I wake up – I have so many things rolling around in my head – chores to do- bills to pay– what lays ahead. It’s a roar of things that are fighting to get to the top.

I find I have to take a step back, look at the lay of the ocean and take care of the most urgent things first – and while the tide of things coming towards me can be overwhelming – I can break it down into its component parts and take it one piece at a time.

I chose the sea in this analogy because it is fluid, it changes and there is depth to the motions- it’s shifting all the time – rather than getting the lay of the land because land is solid, situations are more– fluid.

Today’s Prompt – Dynamics change everything

January 9, 2022

Altered reality

A common theme/thought in fiction is the idea of destiny – that our future is either written or is being assembled one step ahead of us.

What people forget is – we are the engineers, and we can change the flow of information, the direction of things – we are made of chaos and change.

Today’s Prompt: Nothing is over– nothing is started without us.

January 7th, 2022

Turn of Phrase

Sometimes inspiration comes with a full plot – sometimes an inkling of an idea, and sometimes- a phrase can set a tale spinning.

I know I’ve had an epic saga built around one phrase, and sometimes, it isn’t the phrase but the meaning behind the phrase that sets things in motion.

Today’s Prompt: It’s a phrase of the moon…

January 6th, 2022


I used to think finishing was the hardest part of writing. Then came editing– and formatting, and… yeah you get the idea.

Each step presents new challenges and it’s a lot of work that goes into everything.

Today’s Prompt: Dealing with a situation that is not the final challenge.