January 27, 2022


I woke up this morning and realized that the last written prompt just posted and I have nothing written for tomorrow. It’s hard for me to sleep after a moment like that.

Sometimes the greatest challenge to overcome is that blank page. Sometimes, it’s going back to sleep without changing the fact that woke you up in the first place.

It’s funny since I started this week with a story idea that wouldn’t let me sleep – my brain wanted me to tell the story, design the characters. and build the world.

The funny thing is – a week later- I have a title a few locations and a friend who’s already writing stories in that world– and the rest is sitting on the back burner while work and life take over.

Sometimes prompts are all I have time to write… but its a beginning.

Today’s Prompt: The future isn’t written– until we write it.

January 26,2022


One of the terms I like for writers is wordsmith. It brings to mind so much more than just typing things out. You are crafting a tale. You take words, forge them in fire, bend them to your will and hone them into a story.

You take something abstract and turn it into something that can lift your spirits or punch you in the gut, sometimes both.

No one person tells the exact same story, with the exact same punch – and the words you choose can make or break the story.

Some words are cliche, but sometimes that’s what’s you want. Sometimes the words are vague, and sometimes, the story isn’t what you think, and you’re telling more about the person telling the story than you are about the characters involved.

Today’s Prompt (in the words of the BeeGees) – It’s only words.

January 25, 2022

I wrote this! I wrote this?

Writing is a skill. It takes time and belief to develop. My brother used to tell us stories. My sister would read to me… but being the youngest, I didn’t have anyone to tell stories (except of course, for the tall tales we tend to tell our elders) or to read to– so I started telling myself stories.

The stories were simple, formulaic starting out– simple stories that matched my worldview, clear-cut heroes, and mustache-twirling villains.

By the time I took a creative writing course in college – I couldn’t write a short story to save my life — and we were supposed to keep a writing journal for the semester (I’m pretty sure I got the grade I did because of the sheer amount I’d written).

But looking back – there are things that are so cringe-worthy I am embarrassed by them, and other things that are honestly well above what I believe I can do.

I think this feeling is why I write – to do better than the cringe and write more that is beyond what I believe I am capable of creating

Today’s prompt: Skill can only take you so far- the reset is perseverance.

January 24, 2022


This last October, I participated in a writing challenge – Novel in a Day. The idea being that if you have a collection of writers, with the general plot can write one chapter and have it match up with the other chapters to create the contents of a book in 18 hours (the other 6 hours are for putting the chapters together into an actual book.

Other than the fact that you are required to write a chapter, you know nothing about the story until you receive your packet at 0:00 GMT and I mean nothing. Genera, characters, overall story, what part of the story you’re writing.

At 0:00 you receive a packet with the characters, the genre, the time frame, and what you need to have happen in your chapter. Where in the story your chapter takes place, how the book beings or ends, how many chapters… that is still a mystery.

Who the other writers are and what/how they’re going to write… that is all up in the air until the novel is complete and the links are posted.

It is chaos, it is tension and it is a blast. (and it happens once, sometimes twice, a year (they have done special editions) so there’s time to forget all the stress and sleeplessness involved.

In the end, you’re left with a sense of achievement. You faced the challenge and survived. (and it’s a lot less dangerous than climbing a mountain) 😉

Today’s prompt – Facing the unknown, and achieving the unobtainable.

January 23, 2022

The Foolish Wise

I remember when I was in high school – I was looking forward to being a sophomore. Freshman was, for lack of a better word, a noob, a rookie– a beginner.

And then I learned the definition of Sophomore – having the wisdom of a fool. I know it’s that you’re starting – you’re a higher level noob, and yet… I love the way the words feel … the foolish wise. The question is, as our education grows – does the wisdom increase, or does the foolishness?

Today’s Prompt: Which is better a learned fool, or a foolish learner?

January 22, 2022

Second wind

There are a lot of phrases in the English Language that we use without really thinking about the origin. Second Wind – only dates back to the 1830’s – the idea of a time after exertion where you catch your breath and are ready to go again.

This makes me think, we have a limited time to stack up a few of those phrases of our own for people to wonder about in the future.

Today’s Prompt: If you could change the future with one turn of a phrase– what would it be?

January 21, 2022


We’ve reached the halfway point to this challenge, It’s hard to tell if it’s all downhill from here or if this is the beginning of the climb.

Like a lot of things in life, it’s a matter of perspective. One more mountain to climb, one more rush into the unknown. I used to think the hardest thing was writing– finishing the challenge, but I’ve learned that the challenge is just a starting point and there are always going to be more – more challenges, more adventures.

I think seeing challenges as an adventure helps, but sometimes– sometimes it’s hard to keep on going– but I still feel it beats the options.

Today’s Prompt: I’ve got options

January 20, 2022


There are times in my life, I have been a perpetual motion machine– and there are times when the machine broke– completely.

I’d joke around that I know just when I’ve overstepped my limits – mostly because everything came crashing down around me.

Sometimes we spend our lives under so much pressure, and the only reason we don’t let it overwhelm us is that we’re too busy keeping everything running – the pressure is what is driving us on.

The only problem is– you can only run so long before the pressure catches up with you. Full throttle or full stop– the only thing that keeps it in balance is momentum.

Today’s Prompt: One step at a time

January 19, 2022


There are times where things build up. I sometimes envy people with short fuses because – they usually blow up, relieve the pressure and move on. I have a very long fuse. It means I’m reasonably cool, most of the time– but it also means that the final thing that triggers me, is usually something small.

Worse, the size of the explosion has nothing to do with the situation at hand, so everything seems blown out of proportion. So you either blow up in controlled bursts to relieve the pressure or you have a full force avalanche.

The same is true for anger, depression, illness, hurt– you get the idea.

Today’s Prompt: Blowing things into proportion

Author’s note: while writing this prompt I thought about finally hitting that ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ and going back and finding the person who ’cause the most stress and exploding on them – days, weeks, even months after the fact. (This made me laugh, so of course, I had to share)

January 18, 2022


We all want to feel supported. We all want to see ourselves in the best light available– but that doesn’t always happen.

I’m diabetic. There are a lot of people who either don’t understand the disease or think since I’m Type 2 it’s all my fault for eating the wrong things. Yes, there are prejudices about the disease, even among people with the disease.

Heck, even I felt that way until I realized that my body just can’t handle carbohydrates the way a ‘normal’ person does. It wasn’t candy – it was starches, breads, chips, and the fact that most companies processing food add sugar to things because “it tastes better” (yes some companies even consider sugar flavoring)

I saw a post the other day – someone who was leaving a support group because they weren’t getting the support they needed/wanted. Was it a cry for help or someone getting to see themselves in a different light? I don’t know – I never saw the original exchange.

All I can say is – you aren’t everyone, and no one else is you – for better or worse, that’s the way it is.

Today’s Prompt: No one knows what you know.